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13 Qualities that make us a “Worry-Free” bank and 2 that just make us cool


1. We take the time to know you and your business. Who can fit in a box anyways? You’re human with unique ideas and plans. So, we create customized solutions for all of our customers. You can get out of that box now.


2. We seek to serve our community. We do this through partnerships with local schools and organizations and just general needs that come up on a personal basis. Some of our community efforts are public and some you will never hear about. Not everything needs to be on stage. Sometimes people just need a helping hand in life.


3. We’re like family. We can remember your name! It’s our goal to keep a full understanding of how you like to bank so we can serve you well. We want to be like your fun aunt. 


4. We’re here for the long haul. As the only wholly-owned bank in the communities we serve for the last 91 years, you can expect consistency and loyalty with us. Family doesn’t sell out so easily


5. We have products and services that serve almost every facet of your business or personal finances. From check cashers to mom and pop’s; from teen checking accounts to multiple options to keep your money safe for retirement, we have something for your situation. We got your back.


6. The first bank to switch core systems to a modern, streamlined core (we have announced we are switching over Feb 2018). This cutting edge technology that supports every transaction and inquiry made in our business allows us to dramatically improve our customer experience while creating multiple efficiencies in how we handle our accounts. You know times are changin’!


7. We don’t lead with rates but our rates are still really good. Many banks are in the race to the bottom and that hurts them and you. We know our business well and it doesn’t always mean the lowest rate wins. Rates matter, but it’s not the only factor to growing a business or owning a home. Can I get a witness?!


8. We’re not just brick and mortar. With technology like mobile deposit and online account opening, we are bringing convenience to our customers at a rapid pace. At this point, if you can find it at another bank, we have it too. And in some cases we are the first to have it. Speaking of that, you’ll want to read the next one.


9. We’re nimble. Unlike the big banks that need you to fit into their spreadsheet, we can make decisions fast and directly. Want to talk to our CEO? Here’s his phone number: 386.734.1647 – Ask for Ryan James.


10. Not only do we beat big banks, we beat the small ones too. 2008 wasn’t kind to anyone. Since then our team has buckled down and turned something negative into positive, healthy growth. If you look at our numbers against our peers, we are leading in most categories. We owe it all to our poster at the office that says “Teamwork makes the dreamwork!”


11. Our staff actually cares about our customers. We get emails and phone calls all the time from happy customers raving about our staff. A common theme we hear is about our attention to detail and great customer service. How do we do it? Read on …


12. Our staff are loyal and love where they work. When you have employees that actually want to come to work and care about the work they are doing, it translates into a great atmosphere for us and for you. Most of our people have been with us for a long time and they want more from their work than a few extra dollars per hour. We are pretty fun to hang out with after work too.


13. We’ve stayed humble. Even though we’ve achieved a lot of growth, our executives don’t drive Ferraris. We’re real people who want to be around and help real people. This means keeping our focus on our customers and not ourselves. They drive beat up trucks just in case someone needs help moving. 


14. Our word still means something. If we say we will do something, we will. If we mess something up, we will make it right. This means you don’t have to waste your day trying to get a real person on the phone. We have real people with real answers and solutions. Old fashion is back in vogue. (Doing the right thing when no one is watching)


15. We are rebels. Nothing great has ever happened by playing by all the rules. When we see something that needs to be improved or challenged or fixed or called out … we will buck the system. That’s probably strange hearing that from a bank, right? Not this bank.

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