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20+ Years: Longevity and Relationships

Dawnmarie Scofield, Sales and Service Branch Leader, started her career with Surety Bank over 20 years ago. After her last child was born, she worked as a stay-at-home mom for four years before deciding to re-enter the workforce. Dawnmarie originally started with Surety in a teller position, and within a few short years was promoted to head teller. After a while, the role of Branch Manager opened up, and that is the position she serves in to this day.

It is so evident that Dawnmarie loves her job by the way she speaks about her clients. She truly loves working with and helping customers, as is evidenced by what she orchestrated for one of her clients that was struggling with Kidney Disease. A while back, a Surety Bank customer needed a kidney transplant, but didn’t have the money for a reserve fund, which meant she couldn’t be put on a donor recipient list. Dawnmarie, along with the help of Surety co-workers, orchestrated and held a silent auction, using donations made from local business owners, and were able to raise enough money for their client to have a reserve fund, which placed her on a kidney recipient list. That client ended up getting her new kidney, and to this day she is happy, healthy, and you guessed it…still a proud Surety Bank customer!

Besides helping customers through their trials and celebrating their victories, Dawnmarie’s favorite part of her job is the family environment that Surety has worked to cultivate. She truly feels accepted and like part of a family unit when she comes to work, which is why it has been so easy for her to stay with Surety for the past 20 years. This job has not only provided an income, but also an opportunity for personal growth and satisfaction, and Dawnmarie looks forward to continued growth as an individual, as well as seeing Surety continue to grow and expand throughout central Florida. Dawnmarie, thank you for all you do for Surety Bank.

Here’s to 20 more years!


  1. Roy Forkum

    Dawnmarie is always so helpful and does it with a great attitude!! Somewhere in our world customer service is a lost art BUT not at this branch, God bless you Dawnmarie and thank you for everything you do!!!

  2. Sharon Nolen

    Dawnmarie has always been good to us! She always remembers our name and will do whatever she can to help us. I tell everyone about our experience with Surety Bank. They make us feel special no matter how much money we have in our accounts. You always get one on one attention and that is why I would never leave this bank! Thank you so much for all you do!

    Sharon & Randy Nolen

  3. Scott D Skowronski

    Dawnmarie is simply the BEST! Her friendly and personal service is why I continue to be a customer. Great job and keep it up!

  4. Ella S Vigil

    Dawnmarie is like having a big sister ready to help. She actually cares about the customer: so rare nowadays. The atmosphere in “her” bank is very welcoming and if she has a bad hair day, you’ll never know it because she remains so positive and helpful.

  5. Charles Urban

    Dawnmarie is amazing as is Surety Bank. I’m not a big money customer (I’m trying) but I am always treated like I am.

  6. Tom D'Alfonso

    Though I am a very small depositor, to me DawnMarie IS SuretyBank

    The consummate professional and always willing to help out when a “crisis” occurrs

  7. Ellis Elton Jr

    For the past few years I’ve had a lot of banking situations that dawnmarie has always been able to work out along with the rest of the banks knowledgeable people ,but dawnmarie always stands out,what a blessing to know her& SURETY Bank,a sister from another mother. I pray GOD continues to bless her & others who encounter her!

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