Customer Service: 1-855-4SURETY

A Message From Our CEO

Since 2001 I’ve been leading the charge for Surety to build relationships with our clients. As CEO of Surety Bank, my goal is to be available for you and to add value to your decision making process. With a diversity of financial needs among our clients, Surety Bank is a community bank where decisions can be made locally. I have a high focus on the communities we serve and aim to bring all of our clients the best any bank can offer. If you are considering starting a relationship with a new bank, reach out to me personally by email or stop by our Deland FL branch to speak to me in person. Thank you for spending some time on our website. I look forward to meeting you in person.

– Ryan James (Email Me)

Customer Service

We pride ourselves on delivering a high level of customer service to our clients and future clients. When you call, a real person will answer. If you need more, we are available to meet with you in person at one of our branches.

We are always looking for ways to improve our relationships with our clients. When you have an issue come up, this is the best time for us to show you how much we really care.

Have a Question? Call Us.


Surety Bank exists to deliver the best possible banking services, placing our focus on serving our clients’ and local community’s needs. This has proven to be the most sound way to ensure quality in the services we bring to the table. Our approach has allowed us to build a community bank that is strong and equipped for future economic growth.

Built on 91 years of experience, Surety Bank has served the Deland FL and Daytona Beach FL communities with a personalized approach to service. Dating back to the time when a business loan was confirmed with a handshake, Surety Bank has always put our client’s needs first.

As seasoned as a Florida live oak, we bring a history of community and experience to our clients, helping them make sound decisions in both their business and personal lives. Since 1926 we have had the same name and have never changed hands. This unwavering loyalty to our community makes us currently the only locally owned bank. We hope you will join us in our rich history of serving our clients and our community.


Our commitment to community was established when we planted our roots in Deland FL over 80 years ago. Currently, we are the only locally owned bank and we’re focused on our client’s needs, delivering decisions in person. Our goal when it comes to our community is to treat you like a neighbor.

We want to know your name and your story. We want to build a relationship with you that will weather any storm. Being a community bank, we hold ourselves to a higher standard. This means we commit ourselves to being directly involved with the community’s economic growth and development as a priority. A community of clients who choose a community bank like Surety to deposit their personal finances, are investing back in their community.

When a business expands its operations, it can borrow money from its community bank and invest back in the community. This means more jobs and adds to our current economic landscape. When money is deposited into our community it gets lent to our community. We are excited and proud to be a key influencer and contributor to our community and the local economic growth.

Local Decisions

In an ever changing landscape of technology and business, Surety has positioned itself in the market as a bank that still can make a decision locally. You can sit across from the CEO in Deland FL and talk about why you should or shouldn’t move in a certain direction.

With Surety Bank there is no middle man and there is no distance between you and getting a decision. This is a real value for a business owner and a person at home, managing the household budget. In a recent interview, one of our local clients who owns a business said, “Surety is staffed with friendly people who work quickly to assist their customers. This is the wonderful thing about smaller banks. They associate more closely with the needs of local businesspeople.”