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Core Conversion FAQs


What is a core system? Why is Surety Bank upgrading its core system?

The core system is the software that executes major banking functions, such as: opening and managing accounts, originating and servicing loans, processing cash deposits and withdrawals, posting transactions, calculating interest, maintaining customer information, and more.

At Surety Bank, we are committed to providing quality products and exceptional service. In an effort to improve and expand the products and services that we offer you, the Bank decided to upgrade our core banking system and other associated products in February, 2018. This conversion requires a significant investment of both time and resources, but it will enable us to enhance our capabilities and offerings and ultimately the service that we provide to our customers.

We strive to offer you cutting edge technology coupled with a high level of personal service, and believe that this core conversion will help enable us to do that.

When is Surety Bank upgrading its core system?

Surety Bank is upgrading its core system February 16 through February 20, 2018. The conversion will kick off after our nightly processing completes on Friday, February 16.

What is changing with the core conversion? Will my account number(s) stay the same?

Most of the initial changes with the core conversion will be transparent to our customers. With our core conversion, your deposit and loan account numbers will stay the same. Your existing checks and deposit slips will continue to work. During the conversion we will be changing our Customer Information File (CIF) numbers which are assigned to identify each entity – person or business – but this is an internal number which should not impact customers directly.

There are a few changes that will be visible to you that we want to make sure you are aware of:

Balances in Online and Mobile Banking: When you access your Transaction details in Online or Mobile Banking, you see the transactions that have posted to your account and also pending transactions from the current day, and how each of those transactions affects your balances. Currently, pending transactions are included in the current balance, available balance and the running balance shown after each transaction on that screen. Going forward, the Transaction detail will list the same posted and pending transactions; however, the pending transactions will not be reflected in the running balance or the current balance on that page until they fully post to your account that night. They will continue to affect your available balance which is generally used to evaluate whether other transactions, such as transfers or debit card purchases, are authorized.

Delay in Assessing Service Charges for Commercial Customers: After conversion, the assessment of the service charges for our commercial and nonprofit checking accounts excluding Small Business or Nonprofit Essentials checking accounts will occur in the month following the month in which they are incurred. For example, these accounts will not have a service charge assessed in October for the services used in October. Instead the October service charge will be assessed to the account during the first week of November. We apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause.

Some of the enhancements that will be available to customers are outlined below:

What does the core conversion mean to customers?
Our new core system will enable us to operate more efficiently which will in turn allow us to provide you with even better service. For the most part, the changes with the core conversion will be transparent to customers. The changes that you can see will be for the better.
Going forward, our new core system will give us greater flexibility and enhanced capabilities to offer new products and solutions tailored to meet customer needs.


All Surety Bank locations will be closed over the Conversion weekend – Saturday, February 17 through Monday, February 19, 2017. If you need change for the long weekend, please make sure to get your change orders by Friday, February 16 at 4 PM.

Our online, mobile and telephone banking will be unavailable from 5: 30 PM Friday, February 16 to 8 AM Tuesday, February 20.

Debit Cards should be functioning normally over the weekend.

Remote Deposit Capture and Merchant Services will be available during this period but files will not post until 3pm on Tuesday February 20th.


Going forward, we will have greater capabilities to offer new products and solutions tailored to meet customer needs. We will do our best to communicate changes, enhancements and new offerings to you as they are implemented and introduced. We will communicate via our website, statement headers and stuffers, targeted email and mail communications, and eNewsletters. To ensure that you are informed about changes, please read communications that you receive from Surety Bank.

Is my personal and financial information secure?

At Surety Bank, the security and privacy of your information is a top priority. Our new core system will provide additional features to protect your information.

When will the Bank be closed?

All Surety Bank locations will be closed to the public on Saturday, February 17 and Monday, February 19. The Bank will resume normal operating hours on Tuesday, February 20.

Will anyone be answering the phones while the Bank is closed?

There will be bank staff available to answer customer calls during our normal opening hours on Saturday, February 17 and Monday, February 19, however, they will have limited access to systems or banking information due to the core conversion.

BILL PAY: Our current bill pay solution will go offline Monday February 12th 2018 at approx. 8am in preparation for our new system.

How will this affect you? 

  1. Any bill previously scheduled to be paid from Monday thru Friday the 16th at 8am will not be impacted.
  2. Customers will be unable to add new bill pay items to schedule after Tuesday, Feb. 20th at 8am.
  3. Any bills scheduled to be paid after 8am on February 16th will now be paid on Tuesday Feb 20th as our new bill pay provided comes online.
  4. The bill pay link on our online banking home page will be active again effective Tuesday February 20 after 8am.
  5. To navigate from the bill pay screen back to the online banking home page you will need to logout, and log back in. We are in the process of fixing this
  6. Bill pay will not be available again on the Surety mobile app until further notice.

What banking services will be affected by the core conversion?

The following systems will be unavailable to customers from 5:30 PM on Friday, February 16 to 8 AM Tuesday, February 20.
• Online Banking and Bill Pay
• Mobile Banking & Mobile Deposit

During our core conversion we will also be migrating to a new Bill Pay System. Once the conversion is complete, customers will be able to access those systems in the same manner that they did before. For Bill Pay, existing Payees and Payments will be migrated over. There are no business or processing dates during the conversion period so no pending payments should be impacted. For Telephone Banking, customer’s existing user access codes will work on the new system.

What banking services won’t be affected during the conversion weekend?

We expect the following services to be functioning normally during the conversion weekend:
• Surety Bank Credit Cards
• Surety Bank Debit Cards – If you need cash or to make a deposit while the bank is closed, you can locate the nearest surcharge-free ATM at

There could be a brief service interruption on Monday morning while a backend change is made. If this occurs and bank balances cannot be verified, then debit cards will function with default (stand-in) limits.

If there are any service interruptions, then debit cards will function with default (stand-in) limits.

Once the conversion is complete, our new system will only support the following browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Edge (older versions of Internet Explorer will not be supported).

After conversion, we will send you an email and text notification, welcoming you to our upgraded system.

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