We can help you choose the right Individual Retirement Account and provide the guidance, tools, and resources you need to meet your retirement goals.

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CDs and Money Market accounts can be the perfect way to save. Watch your investment grow with our great rates and awesome customer service and support.

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A savings account can be a great way to plan for future purchases or create an emergency fund for those not-so-planned events that inevitably pop up. Surety Bank is a great place look when researching how to save your money.

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Our goal is to fully understand your need and then offer a customized solution. If you are thinking about a way to build a bridge in your personal financial picture,

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Ryan's Message

Ryan's message

Since 2001 I’ve been leading the charge for Surety to build relationships with our clients. As CEO of Surety Bank, my goal is to be available for you and to add value to your decision making process. With a diversity of financial needs among our clients, Surety Bank is a community bank where decisions can be made locally. I have a high focus on the communities we serve and aim to bring all of our clients the best any bank can offer. If you are considering starting a relationship with a new bank, reach out to me personally by email or stop by our Deland FL branch to speak to me in person. Thank you for spending some time on our website. I look forward to meeting you in person. – Ryan James