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Long term growth comes from short term goals. 

A Surety Bank business savings account can help you reach your short term business goals quicker.

How Business Savings Accounts Work

It’s very important to have a savings account as a business.

A business savings account is a great place to get money you are setting aside out of your operating accounts, so you can have a better representation of what you have liquid and what you have in reserve.

The value of a business savings account becomes very real when you are logged into your online banking account and managing your accounts side by side.

We have no minimum balance and no monthly service charge.

The purpose of a savings account is to put aside money for a future event so we aren’t the type of bank who will assess a fee on money you are trying to save.

Opening a Business Savings account is as easy as…

Visit a Surety Branch

• Tailored to the specific situation
• Addressing your financial priorities

Let’s Talk About   Your Business Needs

• Activate online
• Receive debit card
• Setup direct deposit

Go Live!


How do I access my funds?

Access through visiting a Surety branch, mobile transfer, one of over 55,000 surcharge free ATMs, or online transfer.

What can I do to build balances?

With no cost scheduled transfers, you determine how much you want to save and use our automatic transfer to build your balance consistently.