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A Surety savings account can help you reach your next goal. 

We can help you go from planning to achieving.

How Surety Savings Works

The first step is the beginning of something great!

We aren’t the type of bank who will assess a fee on money you are trying to save. With no minimum balance and no monthly service charge, you can take a great leap forward when putting aside money for a future event.

You can save as little or as much as you like, at a pace that’s comfortable for you. Also, we can setup automatic transfers from your checking account so you don’t have to manually put money in. This is a great way to help accelerate your savings plan substantially.  

Some of the typical areas where someone will save money are vacations, holidays, emergency vehicle repairs and other short term goals. You can also give your account a nickname! Need to save money for upcoming holiday gifts? Open a holiday gifts savings account and name it Santa’s Elves!

Opening a Savings Account is as easy as….

Visit Your Surety Branch

• Tailored to your situation 
• Addressing your financial priorities

Let’s Talk About Your Needs

• Activate your digital services
• Establish recurring transfers
• Build your balances

Go Live!


 Are there any fees?

The only time you will have a fee is if you transfer money from your savings account to your checking account more than 6 times in a statement cycle. 

How do your rates compare to other banks?

Our rates are always competitive with other banks. Stop in or connect with us to learn about our current rates.

How do I access my funds?

Through a branch, mobile transfer, one of our 55,000 surcharge free ATMs, or online banking transfer.

What can I do to build balances?

With no cost scheduled transfers, use our automatic transfer to build your balance consistently.