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A better option for less frequent check writing needs. 

We give you a better return but keep the flexibility, so you can manage your money your way.

How Money Market Accounts Work

A money market account is great for someone who writes an occasional check but wants to gain a slightly higher rate of interest than a savings account.

With the ability to write up to three checks per month and no debit card, this is a great option for someone who has very limited transactional needs. For example, someone managing their household finances may keep a higher balance in a money market account. Once a month, they transfer money to their checking account to pay bills. This allows them to keep a smaller amount of money in their checking account for more frequent, daily transactions.

This can help to mitigate loss if their checking account gets defrauded. 

Opening a Money Market Account is as easy as…

Visit a Surety Branch

• Tailored to your situation 
• Addressing your financial priorities

Let’s Talk About   Your Needs

• Begin earning better returns
• Access your balance

Go Live!


Can I write checks out of my money market?

Yes. Check writing out of a money marketing account is limited to three checks per statement cycle.

Is my money market tied to the stock market?

No. Money markets are simply a limited use checking account with higher yields and are FDIC insured.

 Are there any fees?

There are no monthly service charges or minimum balance fees. Additional banking services may have a fee such as a wire transfer or a cashier’s check.

How do I access my funds?

Through one of our branches, a mobile transfer, one of over 55,000 surcharge free ATMs, or online transfer.