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Tools To Manage Your Money

A checking account is a necessary tool and the lifeblood of your monthly financial picture.

Add in our excellent local customer service and you get the best local banking has to offer! Our team is client focused on working to get to know you and anticipate your needs.

Connect to our online banking platform and you can easily manage your money. Still require paper statements? We have those too. A checking account is a great way to start a new relationship with a strong community bank. Come into one of our branches or give us a call to learn more about a checking account that is right for you.

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Everyone has different goals when it comes to savings.

A savings account can be a great way to plan for future purchases or create an emergency fund for those not-so-planned events that inevitably pop up.

Surety Bank is a great place to look when researching how to save your money. If you are thinking about starting a relationship with a new bank, a savings account can be a simple way to make the switch. Come into one of our branches or give us a call to learn more about a savings account that is right for you.

We make it easy for you to manage your personal accounts.

We also give you the best of both worlds to do it. You get the efficiency and productivity of using our online banking platform while having access to a real support person who can help you with any need that comes up. Connect with them by phone or in person at our local community bank branch. Online banking comes standard with our accounts giving you access to your money at all times.

Here are some of the benefits to using our online banking tool:

  • Transfer Money when you need it
  • View Activity and Transactions Anytime
  • Quick Easy Access to Your Financial Picture
  • Convenience and Ease of Use

Personal loans through

Surety Bank has teamed up with Prosper to give you direct access to fixed, low-rate personal loans that fit your financial goals. Consolidate debt, make home improvements, pay for a special occasion or take that dream vacation.

It only takes minutes to apply and you can get funded in days.

  • Check your rate without affecting your credit score
  • Borrow from $2,000-$35,000 with fixed, low rates
  • No hidden fees or prepayment penalties
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Surety Credit Cards

No matter which card you choose, you’ll enjoy important features like:

– EMV smart chip technology for added security
– Mobile purchasing capability for added convenience
– Plus much more!

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Convenience With Security

Use Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, or Android Pay almost anywhere you would swipe or tap your card for convenient and secure transactions.

With the Surety Bank Mobile Wallet you can have even more convenience, right in your hands at the point of purchase.

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Are you ready to buy a home?

Not every home is built the same. Just like every home mortgage is not the same. As you enter the process of looking for a new home, we can help you find the right way to finance it.

Home mortgages with Surety Bank is a great way to get the most value with your money. We put together lots of options for you to choose from, depending on the type of home you are purchasing and the details surrounding that purchase.

We make it easy to find the right financing for you.

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Americans who have only saved less than 1 month of expenses

Americans who don't know their credit score

Americans who don't have a budget

What Our Customers
Are Saying

“I come into Surety Bank every 7-10 days. Service is prompt and courteous. If I have a question I get an answer with an explanation. The staff is friendly and many of them recognize me and call me by name. In addition, they remember personal conversations we have had in the past. This is why I prefer a community bank.”

Taver Cornett

Tools To Manage Your Money

A personal money market account is a versatile option for your money.

At Surety we like to think of a money market account as a cross between a checking account and a savings account. You have the ability to build your savings while maintaining access to your money. We always have competitive interest rates and our clients choose to use this type of account for various purposes.

If you are planning for a future large purchase or building an emergency fund that you need access to, a money market account can be a great tool for this aspect of your bigger financial picture. With the ability to write checks from your account, you can use a money market account for special purchases. Call us or come into one of our branches to talk with us about how a money market account might help you as you plan your savings.

A safe way to save.

If you are looking for safety, a CD can be the perfect vehicle to get you there. The minimum deposit is only $1,000 and while your money is growing, you have peace of mind knowing it is backed by FDIC insurance (up to $250,000.00). As a great addition to your financial porfolio, a CD can give you safety and a return in the same package. Come into one of our branches or call us to see if a CD is the right choice for you to start saving.