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The future is bright. Setting aside some money is a bright idea. 

With the most advanced system and the most caring team, we got your back.

How Certificates of Deposit Works

To accommodate your longer term savings needs, a CD can be a great option. We have found many of our customers want some flexibility with their long term savings so we have several different term options.

With a CD, your money is held inside the term length you select and the longer the term the higher your interest rate will be. Our CD rates are very competitive and serve the needs of our customers well.

Some of our customers will stagger the dates and terms of their CDs so that when one matures another begins. This gives them much more control over their long term savings while achieving a higher rate of return than a traditional savings account. 

For those looking for a less risky retirement option, a CD can be used as an alternative to an IRA or another traditional investment option.

Opening a CD is as easy as…

Visit Your Surety Branch

  • Prioritize your investments
• Financial Priorities 

Let’s Talk About Your Needs

• Relax with FDIC coverage 
• Start earning better yields

Go Live!


How long do I have to tie up my money?

With the flexibility of multiple terms, we have a CD for virtually any investment need.

Is there a fee for this account?

There are no monthly service or maintenance fees. Early termination or withdrawals may add penalties.

Is my money safe in a CD?

Yes. Our CDs are covered by the FDIC up to your qualified coverage amount.