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Surety Bank Four Point Action Plan for COVID-19

Updated April 7th, 2020

At Surety Bank we are committed to serving our employees, our customers and our community during this time of uncertainty. Here is our four point action plan for operating during the pandemic.

Protecting the health and safety of employees and their families

  • • The work we put into our banking systems over the last few years has allowed us to keep your accounts secure while helping our employees remain safe and healthy.
  • • Our first priority is to protect our employees and their families for their sake and for the sake of our community.

Securing/protecting consumer and business accounts 

  • • We have reviewed our portfolio of accounts and are directly addressing any potential needs that have arisen so far from both the consumer side and the business account side.
  • • We are very sensitive to the needs of those specific businesses affected in our community and are working closely with them to mitigate the effects of slow down or loss in general.

Adapting to the new landscape of servicing existing customers 

  • • We have been working on adapting to the future of servicing customers for the last 5 years.
  • • We are in better shape than ever to serve our customers seamlessly and effectively.
  • • Innovations in technology and our core banking system have allowed us to handle the current situation and have prepared us for the future of digital banking.

Adapting to the new landscape of offering services which are tailored to niche customer groups

  • • In our preparation, we have created new lines of business to create sustainability within the bank’s portfolio.
  • • Our efforts to adapt in recent years naturally supports the sustainability of our traditional accounts, who may be experiencing slow downs.

Practical ways you as consumers and business people can make a huge impact in our community as we watch and wait for normalcy to return.

  1. Financially, if you personally or your business is not one of those in the direct line of fire, consider reaching out to those who have been most heavily impacted by shutdowns.
  2. Purchase gift cards to local restaurants and small businesses you would normally patronize, for use in the future. This allows these businesses to continue to make payroll and rent payments with a committed patron for a future visit.
  3. Buy gifts for people from these local establishments for birthdays, anniversaries and other events in your life. Again, it gives these businesses cash now to continue to operate and shows your support long term.
  4. Use your social media accounts to promote your favorite establishments and the good work they are doing. As you know, a post about a restaurant or small business helps tremendously.
  5. Donate locally to a food pantry or other community civic organization. There are needs in various forms coming from many different ways. The need will most likely continue to grow so it is important for those of us who can support to act.

Your needs as we move forward.

If you are in immediate need of assistance, we want to be here to field your concerns, whether from a banking or non banking standpoint. We are all in this together. We have weathered many storms in the past and can pull through this one too!

Reach us at (386) 734-1647 or through our website at 

Ryan James

President & CEO

Surety Bank