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We are the PREMIERE BANK for MSBs.

Our primary focus is BSA. Our success is tied to your success.

Created by our CEO, Ryan James and managed by our World Class BSA Support team,

Surety Bank will be here for you today AND in the years to come.

We support you so you can help the unbanked and the underbanked of America.

Over 90 years of banking history backing YOUR success!

Our Nationwide Network of Vault Services and Cash Logistics

We are constantly expanding locations to have a vault near every MSB customer.

Ryan James, President & CEO

Ryan James has been responsible for Surety Bank’s involvement and continuity in providing financial services to MSB’s. 

“After seeing how the banking regulators treated community banks, I noticed that other industries were also being treated unfairly by regulators. One industry in particular was money service businesses (MSB), which fill a viable need in their communities by providing financial services in underserved areas. The government vilified these businesses and convinced banks not to provide accounts to them. The large banks were closing down their relationships with MSBs, so it was scaring away all the smaller banks and hurting the communities that need these services the most. After seeing this injustice, I spearheaded the building of a department that underwrites, monitors and banks money services businesses. We may be small, but we have the most robust and talented MSB banking department in the country.”

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Why Partner with Us?

Surety Bank was established in 1926 and is here for the long haul. We have the most robust and talented MSB banking department in the country.

• We support the unbanked and underbanked.

• Our resources help you stay compliant.

• We understand how integral you are to our society.

• We want you to be equipped for success.


Our BSA Team

Alexandra Williams

BSA Officer

Serving our MSB customers’ compliance and banking needs since 2001.

Drew Gerhart

Business Dev. Officer

Working with our customers to help them eliminate friction and grow their business.

Rachel Fagan Woodruff

BSA Analyst

Serving our MSB customers for high compliance standards since 2017. 

Karen Stine

Assistant BSA Officer

Works under the direction of the BSA Officer, assisting in compliance with Bank Secrecy Act.

Rheanna Brown

AML Investigator

Serving our MSB customers’ compliance and banking needs.

Viviana Colon-Gaud

BSA Compliance Specialist

Whitney Ruston

BSA Administrator

Maria Bonfiglio

BSA Quality Control Analyst

Contact Our Team Directly

(386) 734-1683

Helpful Resources

Articles and other content on how to stay in compliance plus valuable information specifically for MSBs.

How to Pass Any State Exam

Our ultimate goal with our MSB community is to be a resourceful partner in compliance. We want to see you succeed and see your customers succeed. In this article we’ll cover the very important topic of passing a state exam or an audit. We want to help you understand how to approach it and steps you can take to be successful.


Suspicious Activity Report Best Practices for MSBs

As an MSB, you are probably aware that you have to file a suspicious activity report (SAR) if you detect any kind of facts that point to suspicious financial activity. This is a necessary requirement that can either create a layer of work that detracts from your focus of growth …

Top Two Reasons for MSBs to Improve Their CTR Filing Process

In this article we’ll be covering how you should think about the process of filing a Currency Transaction Report (CTR). This is one of the most routine tasks you may have in your business, but getting it wrong could result in major complications to your business.

Services for MSBs

• Remote Deposit Capture Capability

• Cash Logistics

• Vaulting

• Cash Orders

• Online Banking Portal

• Competitive Pricing

• Tiered Pricing Structure

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Contact Our Team Directly

(386) 734-1683