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PayThink Open payment tech lowers merchant service costs

No longer do banks need to be handcuffed to poor payment processing services. The future is here. Most businesses have a fundamental problem when it comes to processing payments through their merchant service accounts. The problem is their bank is not a viable option for processing payments due to high fees and more competitive products in the marketplace such as Braintree. Read the full article here with insight from our CEO, Ryan James.

13 Qualities that make us a “Worry-Free” bank and 2 that just make us cool

1. We take the time to know you and your business. Who can fit in a box anyways? You’re human with unique ideas and plans. So, we create customized solutions for all of our customers. You can get out of that box now.   2. We seek to serve our community. We do this through partnerships with local schools and organizations and just general needs that come up on a personal basis. Some of our community efforts are public and some you will never hear about. Not everything needs to be on stage. Sometimes people just need a helping hand in life.   3. We’re like family. We can remember your name! It’s our goal to keep a full understanding of how you like to bank so we can serve you well. We want to be like your fun aunt.    4. We’re here for the long haul. As the only wholly-owned

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Switch to Nymbus

Making strides to offer the best banking experience.

Here’s a recently posted article on Banking Technology’s website about our move to implement a far better technology for an overall better experience. Florida-based Surety Bank is embarking on a core banking software overhaul with Nymbus. The bank will implement Nymbus’ flagship SmartCore system. The solution will be delivered in a private cloud. According to Ryan James, CEO of Surety Bank, Nymbus was “the only company that gave us confidence of having the modern technology we needed and personalised service for ease of implementation”. He adds that over the past two decades, the bank has upgraded different products with its incumbent core, “and every step of the process has been excruciatingly painful, from delayed implementations and cost overruns to grossly missed expectations upon implementation”. So it was clear to the bank, “given these experiences”, that the traditional banking model was prime for disruption, he states. He feels that Nymbus “is

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8 Basic Life Concepts Every 10 Year Old Should Know

Most parents would say that a major goal for their children in the long run is for them to become productive members of society. But how do we get there today when that seems so far off? With the ever-increasing pressures life and child rearing, it can be overwhelming. As we are raising our children to become responsible, independent, mindful adults, it is great to have small, incremental goals in mind along the journey. As your children reach the age of 10, here are some benchmarks that are important for your children to understand. If they don’t know them now, these are some ideas you can work on in your home with your children. Their Address and Your Phone Number: If your child ever gets lost or separated, this is important information they should know. If they were to wander off from you in a public area, it’s important that they

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kid's savings

Great tips on how kids can learn to save money

1. Have a visual goal With anything big that you want to accomplish in life, saving money requires having a goal. How can your child get where he/she wants to go without a finish line? This will most likely be the easiest part of saving for your child. They want things all the time! The tough part will be narrowing their focus down to one thing. Also as a parent, it can be easy to just step in and buy something so you don’t have to listen to the complaining. However, this won’t help your child learn the value of saving and buying something on their own. After they have chosen something they want, they need to create a visual to remind them of it during those hard times when they want to spend their money on something else. You can do this by cutting out a picture from a

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Protecting your student from life’s little mistakes

One of our primary focuses at Surety Bank, under the financial literacy banner, is to protect and educate our young bank customers. One of the ways we accomplish this is to help our customers who are parents understand the myriad of ways they can guide their students. We are able to do this through some really innovative features we can offer through our Surety Bank accounts and mobile banking technology. It allows us to do many things to overcome life’s little mistakes and provides you with teaching moments, even if you aren’t in the same room or the same zip code as your students who are learning to use their bank account for the first time. Turn on/off your debit card One of the ways we can protect against life’s little mistakes is to instantly disable the use of your student’s debit card from inside our mobile app. Think about

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Year-End Retirement Savings Strategies

Whether your retirement unfolds as a beautiful dream or a scary nightmare depends largely on the financial decisions you make today. But if retirement planning is brand-new to you, you’re not alone. The average working household has very little cash saved for retirement and about 45% of working-age households have no retirement savings at all, according to the National Institute on Retirement Security. However, you still have time this year to start building a retirement fund and gain a tax advantage in the process. Calculate your target How much will you actually need for retirement? Chances are, quite a lot. Retirement may last anywhere from 15 to 20 years or more, and you’ll need somewhere between 70% and 90% of your pre-retirement income annually to live comfortably. Don’t count on Social Security to cover this; many people experience some shortfall. To determine yours, contact the Social Security Administration online or

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What to Look for in a Teen Checking Account

Learning how to manage money at an early age can help set up children for a financially stable future. Since they won’t want to keep their allowance in a shoebox forever, familiarizing themselves with the nuts and bolts of a checking account is an important milestone. Many financial institutions offer teen checking accounts, which serve as an excellent introduction to the sometimes complicated world of banking. To get you and your child started, here’s an overview of features to look for as well as some insight into ground rules you may want to establish before signing up for an account. How teen checking accounts work Although many financial institutions offer checking accounts for customers as young as 13, most require at least one parent or guardian to serve as a joint account holder for those under 18. Ultimately, this is in everyone’s best interest, as it reduces the risk of

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How Instant Alerts Work On All Student Debit Card Activity

It comes as no surprise today that our lives are busy. Everyone has a lot on their plate and communication is very important if we want to teach and protect our students. Today we can use technology to our advantage when watching out for our student’s financial well-being. Wouldn’t it be great to know when your student uses their debit card and what purpose? Now we have the ability to do just that. Using our new Surety Bank app, you can monitor all your student’s activity instantly from your mobile device. There are two major benefits of having this technology at your finger tips. Protect your student Knowing where your student is using their debit card can give you the ability to keep track of where their money is being spent. If a purchase doesn’t seem quite right or seems to be in an area where your student isn’t or

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Fan For Life!

Mary Parker Sizemore Mary Parker Sizemore has been a Surety fan most of her life. In fact, her grandfather, Casper Howorth, helped start Surety Bank during the Great Depression. While many banks went under during that unfortunate time in our country, Surety Bank made it through. At that time, Surety Bank was Surety Building and Loan. This small bank in a small Florida town was a pillar of the community during a time when our country was shaky. As a Stockholder at Surety, Sizemore understands not only what it’s like to be a customer, but she knows what is happening behind the scenes. She is proud to tell people about Surety Bank; that today they are bringing in more new accounts than ever before. In fact, friends that don’t know Sizemore’s family connection and Shareholder status tell her that they have switched all of their accounts over to Surety because

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